So Long, Sugar


You may have noticed it’s been awhile since there’s been an update to San Diego Sugar, but I assure you that’s not because I’ve abandoned eating sweets and seeking out all that’s good and sugary. I’m still committed to both (and continue to count cookie dough — frozen, or otherwise — among my favorite foods).

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South Bay Sweets

South Bay Sweets

Did see the 2-page sweets feature in the November issue of San Diego Magazine? I took a trip to the South Bay to uncover some of the best pastries, frozen treats, and desserts. Check it out on!

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First Look: Fall Desserts at Cucina Urbana

Lemon Semifreddo at Cucina Urbana

Cucina Urbana has a new pastry chef. Jack Fisher, formerly of Nine-Ten, has created a fall dessert menu stocked with so many tempting options, you may need to order two of them.

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Behind the Scenes with Pastry Chef Jeff Bonilla

Peach Cremeux from Kitchen 1540

I recently went behind the scenes for Serious Eats: Sweets with Jeff Bonilla, Executive Pastry Chef for the L’Auberge Del Mar resort. Bonilla creates the entire pastry program for the property, including the two on-site restaurants: Kitchen 1540 and the Waterfall Terrace.

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Honey Toast at Up 2 You Cafe

Honey Toast at Up 2 You Cafe

100+ item menus aren’t unusual in Kearny Mesa, but when it comes to dessert, the pickings are slim. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, and craving something sweet, make a trip to Up 2 You Cafe for some Honey Toast.

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8 Sweet Breakfast Dishes in San Diego

San Diego Sugar | Sweet Breakfast Eats

If you love starting your day with a healthy dose of sugar, check out my latest round-up of sweet breakfast desserts on Serious Eats: Sweets, featuring everything from (relatively) healthy options like my favorite acai bowl, to saturated with sugar indulgences like a bananas foster belgian waffle.

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Divina Cake at Azucar

Divina cake from Azucar in San Diego

I’ve never met a cake at Azucar that I didn’t love. The Divina is my current favorite. Find out all about this delicious cake on Serious Eats: Sweets.

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Homemade Doughnuts in 2 Minutes

Buttermilk Biscuit Doughnuts

One perk of being a food blogger is the occasional freebie. When I was asked to check out a Martha Stewart enameled cast iron pot, I was all over it. The email came at the perfect time. I’d been dreaming about making doughnuts at home, but didn’t have the right pot for the job.

I got the smallest size: a 3 quart round casserole (in orange) and it worked great. The pots go all the way up to 8 quarts, but for doughnuts, the smaller size worked best because it was big enough to fry a few at a time, and you don’t need as much oil as you would with a larger pot.

When it comes to making yeast doughnuts, you’ve got a few choices: make them from scratch, using a recipe like this one that takes 2 and a half hours, or buy a package of buttermilk biscuits from the grocery store, pop them in the oil, and have fresh doughnuts in about two minutes.

I think it’s already obvious which method I tried.

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Grocery Goods: Trader Joe’s Coconut Bonbons

San Diego Sugar | Trader Joe's Coconut Bon Bons

Trader Joe’s has a new snack item: Coconut Bonbons ($3.99). They are evil. After trying a free sample, I couldn’t resist taking home a tub, even though my basket was already full of treats. Once I popped the lid, there was no stopping until every last moist and chewy chocolate covered ball of coconut was gone.

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Comic-Con Sweets

San Diego Sugar | Sucker Bar from Searsucker

There are plenty of options for a tasty treat near the San Diego Convention Center. Here are a few of my top picks, just in time for Comic-Con.

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