Acai Bowl from O.B. Smoothie Bar & Sub Shop

O.B. Smoothie Bar & Sub Shop has some crazy-good smoothies and subs, no doubt about it. But one of the tastiest items on the menu doesn’t get top billing on the sign: the acai bowls. Acai bowls, made with frozen acai puree (blended with soy milk or apple juice), are topped with granola, strawberries, bananas, frozen blueberries, and a drizzle of honey. It’s like eating a fruit salad on top of a smoothie slurry, with some granola thrown in for good measure (and extra crunch). Acai berries are one of nature’s “miracle fruits”, and even though I don’t completely buy into the hype, there’s no getting around it: eating an Acai bowl is like downing a bucket of pure sunshine. I instantly feel perky, energetic, and healthy. Mangoes can be added for an extra charge, making the bowl even more bountiful and delicious (when they’re in season and at their freshness peak).

One bowl is plenty big enough to split, particularly if you pair it with a chicken chipotle sub, a spicy ‘which stuffed with fresh, crunchy roughage, that packs some serious heat.

O.B. Smoothie Bar & Sub Shop
5001 Newport Ave, San Diego, CA 92107
(619) 756-6265

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