Acai Bowl from Rubicon Deli

There’s something magical about acai bowls. Maybe it’s the antioxidants, maybe it’s the fresh fruit and berries on top, or maybe it’s just because they’re sweet, but every time I eat one, it makes me feel like I have a tummy full of sunshine.

Rubicon Deli makes one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever tasted (and I do mean ever) and their acai bowl ($6.25) is also no slouch. Made with a big scoop of frozen acai and topped with fresh, seasonal fruit, granola, and honey, it’s a great way to cool off your mouth after polishing off a sandwich on their homemade spicy jalapeno jack bread.

What makes Rubicon Deli’s acai bowls one of the best in San Diego is the consistency of the acai, which is a lot like a sorbet or gelato. It’s dense, intensely fruity, and just a bit creamy. Another difference is the flavor of the acai, which is less sweet than most, so you can really taste the chocolate and blueberry undertones.

For just over $6, you get a huge serving that’s the perfect size to share, especially if you split a sandwich — a combo that’s definitely one of my favorite options for a weekend lunch.

Rubicon Deli
3819 Mission Boulevard, San Diego CA 92109
(858) 488-3354

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