Apple Pie from Banker’s Hill Bar and Restaurant

Quick: name a great spot for pie other than Julian. Stumped? I was too, until I turned to some fellow bloggers for suggestions for a San Diego Magazine dining opener. Click through to read all about the best apple pie in San Diego.

Rachel Caygill, resident pastry chef at Banker’s Hill Bar + Restaurant crafted this deep-dish, thick-crust, beauty of a pie from fresh-picked Fuji and Granny Smith apples, mixed with brown sugar, orange zest, and a cornucopia of spices, including cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, allspice, and a pinch of ginger. It’s rustic, comforting, and perfect for the season. Pie isn’t usually in my top 5 dessert choices, but this one is an exception. The pie’s crowning achievement is the golden-brown crust, which is crisp and flaky, like puff pastry. Paired with a scoop of housemade vanilla bean ice cream, it’s the complete package (and not so surprisingly, one of the restaurant’s top sellers).

If you love baking at home, take a look at Darlene’s write-up about a San Diego Food Bloggers brunch hosted by Rachel, which included a pie baking demo in her backyard (during which, she shared her secrets to making perfect pie dough). Or, drop into the restaurant for a slice. If you’re set on apple, you might want to call ahead to see what the seasonal pie is, but based on how good this one was, I’d feel confident that every variety of pie is equally delicious.

Banker’s Hill Bar + Restaurant
2202 4th Ave.

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