Azúcar’s Tiramisu: Cute, Creamy, Perfect.

Bakeries like Azúcar can be daunting. With a dizzying array of treats on offer (including cookies, cupcakes, and bars), it’s tempting to take the whole store home. On my latest visit, I wanted something truly indulgent, so I headed directly to the display case with filled with individual-sized cakes. After some heated deliberation, I settled on the Azúcar Tiramisu ($6).

Azúcar’s take on this classic cake is considerably different than the standard interpretation.  The cocoa-dusted top looks familiar, but the other elements have a distinct, Cuban twist. Instead of the traditional espresso-soaked lady fingers, the dessert features fudgy chocolate cake soaked in Cuban coffee, and a creamy rum sabayon stands in for layers of fluffy mascarpone. The end result is denser and more luxurious than a traditional tiramisu and tastes more like a mocha/devil’s food cheesecake.

With so many delicious looking goodies available, Azúcar is the type of place that demands multiple visits. If everything else is even half as good as their tiramisu, I’ll be a fan for life.

4820 Newport Avenue, San Diego, CA 92107
(619) 523-2020


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