Cafe Hue’s Triple Threat: Waffle Topped with Gelato and Fruit

Cafe Hue is a melting pot of different cuisines where desserts from several cultures come together with delicious results. The Asian cafe features a variety of dessert options, including crepes, gelato, and waffles. My eye was instantly drawn to the waffle with gelato and fruit. This triple-threat dessert starts with a fresh-made Liège-style waffle, topped with one scoop of gelato (your choice of flavor — I opted for strawberry), whipped cream, and a handful of fresh fruit. The warm and crunchy waffle tinged with vanilla was a good pairing with the scoop of cool strawberry gelato, which quickly melted into the crevices.

As much as I generally like any interpretation of frozen strawberry desserts (gelato, ice cream, what-have-you), I found Cafe Hue’s distractingly sweet, with far more sugar than fruit. The overly-sweet strawberry gelato shifted my focus to the waffle, which ended up being the star element of the dessert.

Even though it was on the small side, the waffle was surprisingly filling and satisfying. If your only experience with waffles is limited to frozen Eggos, a Liège-style waffle will blow your mind with it superiority. Liège-style waffles are chewier and more substantial than other waffles. The best part about them is they’re made with pearl sugar, which caramelizes on the crust, making it crunchy and extra sweet. With so many options for waffles, including white or dark chocolate-dipped and cinnamon-flavored waffles — all of which can be dressed up with toppings like mixed nuts, Nutella, and bananas, there’s plenty of options to try.

Cafe Hue
3860 Convoy Street, San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 571-7947




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