Carrot Cake from Sugar and Scribe Bakery

Admittedly, most of my trips to Pacific Beach are centered around frozen yogurt, but I’m glad I stumbled upon Sugar and Scribe, a relatively new Irish bakery on Garnet Street. The cozy shop features a variety of baked goods, including scones, breads, coffee cakes, and pies, but once I locked in on the carrot cake ($5), I couldn’t budge. The single-serving sized cake was slightly cupcake-like in appearance, with a dollop of cream cheese frosting dusted with cinnamon on top.

I was curious what made an Irish carrot cake different than a regular carrot cake, and luckily, Owner Maeve Rochford-Shulz was able to fill me in. Apparently, carrot cake originated in Ireland, and the Irish recipe calls for plenty of carrot and spice, with no fillers like pineapple, nuts, or raisins (something I can definitely get behind). Maeve uses a traditional Irish recipe (in this case, her grandmother’s).

True to her description, the cake was moist and fluffy, with bold spicy flavors. By itself, the cake wasn’t overly sweet, and tasted more like a carrot muffin than your average carrot cake.  The addition of the cream cheese frosting pushed the cake comfortably into sweet territory, even though it was fragrant with spice.

For me, the measure of any carrot cake is the frosting, and this was some of the best I’ve ever had. Honestly, I could eat a bowl full of it (good thing that wasn’t an option).

Sugar and Scribe Bakery
1420 Garnet Ave, San Diego CA 92109

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