Cheap Thrills: “Little” Cinnamon Rolls from Homies Cinnamon Rolls

If you’ve ever walked by a Subway and been bowled over by the delicious scent of fresh-baked bread, you’ll understand why  it was impossible to walk by Homies Cinnamon Rolls without going inside on the pretense of “just taking a peek”. Fresh rolls were baking in the oven and the aroma of warm pastry and cinnamon was wafting out the door.

The shop offers a few different flavors of cinnamon rolls, including apple, pecan, and raisin, but only the original flavor was available when I visited.

Knowing the high sugar content of cinnamon rolls (and my legendarily weak willpower), I decided on the 3-pack of Little Homie Treats, thinking I’d eat one, and save the rest for later. At 3 for $2.99, I imagined they  would be on the small side. When the cashier finished packing them up, I had to make sure she’d heard my order right. Each of the “little” cinnamon rolls was as big as my fist…not that I was complaining!

Homies’ Cinnamon Rolls are simple and straight-forward: warm, fluffy pastry rolled around cinnamon and sugar, topped with sweet icing (plus a bonus serving for dipping). The rolls had the same soft texture as a doughnut, but were chewier and more satisfying. They were delicious warm (straight out of the box), and just as good the next morning — when I thought about heating them up, but couldn’t wait an entire 10 seconds to start eating the last one.

For $2.99, the 3-pack of Little Homie Treats was a great option for a cheap and tasty dessert that’s big enough to share. If these are the “little” rolls, I’m almost afraid to see the size of the “regular” rolls.

Homies Cinnamon Rolls
715 4th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 674-8676

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