Chocolate Croissant from Darshan’s Bakery and Cafe

Croissants are an exercise in simplicity. Comprised of only a handful of ingredients, the difference between a good croissant and an average one comes down to the quality of the ingredients and the preparation. There is an expansive world of difference between the crescent-shaped bread puffs masquerading as croissants in grocery stores and a truly excellent, authentic French croissant — and the chocolate croissant at Darshan’s ($2.95) is most definitely the latter.

Technically, the pastry in question is a pain au chocolat (chocolate bread), because “croissant” is derived from “crescent”, and Darshan’s version is definitely more loaf-shaped. Excepting their shapes, the two pastries are very similar. Both are made from the same dough — a version of puff pastry with yeast that’s layered with butter and rolled up (in this case, with dark chocolate inside).

Darshan’s chocolate croissant is easily one of the best I’ve had — in San Diego, and ever. The outside of the pastry was baked to a beautiful flaky golden brown and the inside was soft, warm, and slightly chewy. The dark chocolate was like richmelted ganache, despite the fact that the croissant was served at room temperature. Most impressively, the croissant tasted light, despite being chock-full of butter.

On its own, it’s the perfect sweet bite. Paired with a raw milk latte, it’s divine.

Darshan’s Bakery and Cafe
949 2nd St, Encinitas, CA 92024
(760) 436-1337

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