Chocolate Macaron from Lisko Imports

Macarons aren’t something I come across very often, so when I spied a display of giant macarons at the Lisko Imports table at the Little Italy Mercato, I had to have one. Four flavors were available, including chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and pistachio. Even though I was initially tempted to get three cookies for $8, I played it safe, sticking with one chocolate macaron for $3 — a very reasonable price, considering the cookie was the size of my palm (and macarons are always pricey).

The cookie had all of the hallmarks of a good macaron: the interior was moist and chewy, while the outside had a glossy shell with a domed top. The two layers were sandwiched with a rich, chocolate ganache that was intensely chocolatey and satisfying. Initially, I promised myself to save half for later, but that proved to be impossible.

After polishing off the chocolate macaron, I also tried a bite of a strawberry macaron, which was slightly better. The flavor of the berries really came through in the cookie, and instead of being filled with ganache (which was a bit too overpowering), it was filled with whipped cream, which was lighter, and made it taste a bit like strawberry shortcake.

Over the next few weeks, I’m sure I’ll be sampling the rest of the flavors, because a giant macaron this good for just $3 is a beautiful thing.

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