Cookies from Specialty’s

I’d heard good things about Specialty’s months ago, but until the downtown location opened, I hadn’t had a chance to sample their cookies. Overall, the shop does several things right (including having iPod ordering stations, free (validated) parking, wi-fi, and plenty of seating) but their Monday-Friday hours mean only workday cookie cravings can be satisfied. Luckily, the downtown location is just far enough from work to count as going for a walk, and there are plenty of tempting sweets on the menu (in addition to the standard lunch fare like soups, sandwiches, and salads).

Several types of cookies are available, but I stuck within my comfort zone with my selections (a “Black & White cookie, and a Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk). Both were $2.29 each.

The deceptively named Black & White cookie was really a reverse chocolate chip cookie in disguise — not the iconic New York-style fondant covered cookie.¬†Of the two, it was the tastiest. I loved how it was browned and crisp on the outside, with a moist, brownie-like interior. The white chocolate wasn’t too sweet (and didn’t have that cloying, buttery taste it sometimes has) and there was something strange about the cookie that I couldn’t quite pin down until the last bite — it tasted faintly like gingerbread. Now, I can’t say for certain that there is any ginger or cinnamon in it (and the only information available on the website is the nuturitional info — yikes, so many calories!) but there you have it.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk cookies are always a safe bet, and this one satisfied, but wasn’t memorable. The base of the cookie tasted like dark brown sugar (with tinges of molasses) and the chocolate was generously portioned, but there was no particularly stand-out flavor that would make me crave it again later.

Though both cookies were good, what really caught my eye when I took a closer look at the display case was the chocolate bundt cake. Now that, I would go back for.

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