German Chocolate Cupcake from Sweet Treats Truck

San Diego’s food truck scene has reached critical mass. It seems like every weekend, there is at least one food truck event, ranging from small gatherings, to full-blown festivals. Hoping to find something in the middle, I headed to 57 Degrees, for their monthly gathering of food trucks, which happens on the third Friday of every month. Fifteen food trucks set up shop in the parking lot, including a few options for sweets.

After gorging myself on savory items from The Gathering Spot, I almost didn’t have enough room for dessert, but leaving without something sweet just wasn’t an option. The Sweet Treats Truck had several tempting options, including peanut butter brownies, red velvet whoopie pies, and eclairs, but once I laid eyes on theĀ German chocolate cupcakes, my dessert dilemma was solved.

The soft, cocoa-rich cupcake was topped with a snowball-sized glob of coconut and pecan icing, that by itself, would have been an indulgent dessert. To extend the lifespan of the icing (and ensure that no bite be without it), I cut the cupcake in half, and dipped the tines of my fork into the icing, before shaving off a piece of the cake. This, and the fact that I spent most of the time eating the cupcake with my eyes closed and humming, is why I should always eat desserts in the privacy of my own home.

Sweet Treats Truck
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