Ghirardelli’s Massive Chocolate Chip Cookie

I’ve been on a cookie kick lately — both at home (experimenting with new recipes) and by testing store-bought cookies. After raving about the 33 cent cookies from Albertsons, I thought it was only right to sample a gourmet cookie on the opposite side of the spectrum — in this case, a massive chocolate chip cookie from Ghirardelli.

$4 is a lot to spend on one cookie, but since we’d just run out of cookie dough at home, it seemed reasonable to splurge a cookie big enough for two people to split.

Typically I’m drawn to cookies that are soft and chewy, but the chocolate chip cookie from Ghirardelli looked like it was going to be more on the crisp and crunchy side. The substantial cookie was studded throughout with chocolate chips (Ghirardelli brand, naturally) and packed some serious heft — I’m guessing that it weighed at least 1/3 pound. After heating it up in the oven, I discovered that my guess about the texture was half right: the exterior of the cookie was dry and crumbly , but the inside was another story. The cookie was crisp on the outside, but it was grainy and gritty on the inside, like it was made with way too much white sugar. It tasted much better at room temperature, but was badly in need of a scoop of ice cream, or a milk chaser. For $4, I’d rather have a dozen cookies from Albertsons.

Ghirardelli’s hot fudge sundaes and milkshakes are worth splurging on, but I’ll take a pass on the cookies.

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