Grocery Goods: Ben and Jerry’s Fair Goodness Cake Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry’s must be reading my mind. On the same day I was hit with an intense craving for macaroon ice cream from Ed’s Real Scoop in Toronto, I spied the next best thing: Fair Goodness Cake,¬†a new ice cream flavor from Ben and Jerry’s that has the same killer combination of chocolate and coconut.

The new flavor features¬†Certified Fair-Trade ingredients, in this case: fair-trade cocoa, coconut, and vanilla, but it’s not the first flavor to use a classic cake as inspiration (Red Velvet Cake was one of the new flavors released this Spring).

Fair Goodness Cake features rich chocolate ice cream with chewy pieces of German chocolate cake and a coconut caramel swirl. The cake pieces are the best part: they’re well portioned throughout the tub and have a fudgey/chewy texture that allows them to blend in with the ice cream and heighten its flavor, but not be too distracting or all-consuming, an unfortunate drawback of other Ben and Jerry’s flavors, which make me revert to my base, animal instincts (ie: rooting around for “buried treasure” and eating the surrounding ice cream just because it happens to be there). The third element — a coconut caramel swirl — must have been completely blended in with the ice cream, because try as I might, I could not find it (unlike these other two flavors, which have visible ribbons of gooey caramel).

The strongest flavor element was the chocolate, with the coconut playing a supporting, textural role — which makes Fair Goodness Cake a solid option for anyone looking for a new twist on chocolate ice cream. My favorite flavor is still Oatmeal Cookie Chunk, but this was a delicious tub of ice cream, and is deserving of a permanent placement in the Ben and Jerry’s lineup. For the moment, it’s a limited batch, so snap some up if you spot it at your local supermarket or scoop shop.

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