Grocery Goods: Trader Joe’s Petite Cocoa Batons

On my weekly visit to TJ’s, I usually try to avoid looking too closely at the cookies. Having never met a Trader Joe’s cookie that I didn’t love (especially the High Brow Chocolate Chip cookies), I know that opening that door could result in a shopping basket that’s 80% cookies and 20% Trader Ming’s Orange Chicken. But when I spied this box of Petite Cocoa Batons, a steal at $1.69, I couldn’t resist.

On the box, the cookies are described as “delicately crisp wafers filled with rich cocoa cream”, and are a product of Indonesia. With no photo on the box, it was difficult to imagine what they would look like, but I guessed they would be like Pepperidge Farms’ Pirouette cookies. They did not.

Instead of being shaped like thin cigars, the petite cocoa batons looked a little bit like dog treats…for people. Each tiny cookie was about the size of my thumbnail.

After throwing a handful of them in my mouth (most ungracefully), I was happy to see the serving size listed as 17 cookies, or 31 grams (meaning each package has approximately 4 servings). Even though the cookies were nowhere near the same size as a typical cookie, I loved the idea of eating 17 cookies in a single serving.

The petite cocoa batons were exactly as advertised: a thin, crisp wafer shell yielded to a rich, cocoa interior, which had a texture similar to Nutella mixed with icing. However, as much as I tried to think of them as cookies, my mind kept going back to cereal, mostly due to their diminutive size.

These cookies would be great served in a variety of ways: on top of ice cream, mixed in a bowl with caramel corn, or sprinkled on top of some cocoa puffs. Then again, they’re also good right out of the box, a handful at a time.



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