Hidden Treasure: Peanut Butter Mochi from Mitsuwa Marketplace

When it comes to daifukumochi, you generally have two options: red bean mochis and ice cream mochis. To be honest, neither option would make my Top 10 Dessert List, but the peanut butter mochis at Mitsuwa Marketplace in Kearny Mesa are a whole other story.

My first forway into Mochiland was the peanut sticky rice balls at the hilariously named Ding Dong Pastries & Cafe in Toronto, which were filled with chopped peanuts and rolled in coconut. At 3 for $1, they were one of my most frequent indulgences, substituting for a proper meal more times than I’d like to admit. After falling in love with the squishy, chewy texture that was unlike any dessert I’d tasted before or since, I knew I needed to find something similar in SD.

My search for the best mochi in San Diego led me to Mitsuawa Marketplace, and their peanut butter mochis (4/$4.60).

The shell of sweet glutinous rice gives the hacky sack-sized treats a delicious, chewy texture that is the hallmark of a good mochi. Inside, things get even tastier because the creamy, peanut buttery center studded with roasted peanut pieces tastes almost exactly like peanut butter cookie dough. At last, a convenient and shame-free way to indulge in one of my favorite foods!

Better yet, if you want to avoid the dicey parking lot  at Mitsua Marketplace, you can order boxes of mochis directly from Mikawaya and choose from 22 different options. Personally, I’d just go with a dozen of the peanut butter flavor.

Mitsuwa Marketplace
4240 Kearny Mesa Road # 119
(858) 569-6699


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