Mocha Latte from Cafe Bassam

It’s pretty tough to really mess up a mocha. When you’ve got three ingredients (espresso, milk, and chocolate) — all of which are good on their own and even better together, generally you’re either going to create a great drink, or a really great one.

Cafe Bassam, an artsy cafe in Banker’s Hill,┬ámakes a great mocha. The cup of creamy steamed milk and espresso was covered in froth and bubbles, and topped with a dollop of whipped cream and a surprise — a drizzle of buttery caramel syrup. Rich, dark chocolate was the dominant flavor, which made the drink taste more like hot chocolate — good news for people like me who enjoy a shot of coffee with their steamed milk and flavoring.

As tasty as Cafe Bassam’s traditional mocha was, next time I visit, I’m going to try something new: their white chocolate mocha or white chai.

Cafe Bassam
3088 5th Avenue, San Diego CA
(619) 557-0173

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