Neenies from Neen’s Cheesecake

Committing to an entire cheesecake is tough. If you’re not buying it for a party, you’re faced with the knowledge that, whether it’s over a few days or a few weeks, you will consume the entire thing. That mix of shame and guilt has kept me from buying whole cheesecakes (or making them at home) for years. Still, a life without cheesecake is too sad to contemplate, and that’s where mini-sized cheesecakes like “Neenies” from Neen’s Cheesecakes come in.

At approximately 2 inches in diameter, they’re a completely reasonable way to indulge. One is enough, but two are even better. Being small in stature makes them easier to parcel out, and you can save the rest for later. The package I received had three flavors: classic, caramel, and chocolate.

The mix was a great representation of the spectrum of cheesecake flavors. The classic, fresh-fruit topped cheesecake was luscious and dense, without being too heavy. Creamy, tart, and sweet flavors were well balanced…and it was luxurious, but not so decadent that I had to put my fork down in defeat. True to its name, it was a classic cheesecake, ideal for straightforward cheesecake lovers.

Things got a little more exciting with the fudgy chocolate cheesecake, topped with a juicy raspberry. Again, the flavor of the chocolate was well balanced and rich, without being too overwhelming (as is often the case with chocolate cheesecake). On the far end of the sweet spectrum was the caramel — a good option for people who don’t like any cheesy tang in their cheesecake. Of the three, it was the classic that I kept going back to.

A crucial component of cheesecake is a good base. The crust should be tasty enough to eat on its own (not just a containment vessel for the cake on top) and bring a distinct flavor, yet be subtle enough not to overwhelm the cake.  Neen’s crust excelled on all fronts. It anchored the cake and had a delicious buttery flavor, with a good crumb.

Like all cheesecake, you don’t get the full flavor effect unless you let them come down to room temperature. So, as tempted as you might be to scarf them straight out of the fridge, be sure to let your minis relax on the counter for about 15-20 minutes before eating.

$25 buys you a dozen mini cheesecakes. With most wedding cakes starting at about $5 a slice, ordering mini cheesecakes is a smart option for budget conscious brides who want a tasty, creative dessert option. Or, pick up a dozen for a holiday dinner party or a pot luck where you really want to make an impression.

Neen’s Cheesecake
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Flavors include classic, chocolate, caramel, dutch apple, red velvet, and eggnog.

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