New Cookie Flavors from Kuba Kreations

One of my favorite perks about my gig at San Diego Magazine is the opportunity to try new restaurants and indulge in sweets. At a recent photo shoot for the Cookie Crazed page in the October issue, several of the bakers who had cookies featured sent over a box full of different flavors, which meant there was a whole lot of taste testing to do.

One such baker was Kuba Kreations, whose top three flavors inspired this Cookie Poll. Recently, I had the good fortune of having a second box of cookies from Erin, the baker behind the cookies, fall into my lap. Along with the tasty lemon lavender cookies, there were some new flavors, the best of which were Chocolate Fleur de Sel and Pina Colada.

I loved the balance between salty and sweet in the Chocolate Fleur de Sel cookie — the two ingredients are such a natural pairing. The subtle saltiness cuts the sweetness of the chocolate and accents the cocoa flavors at the same time. This cookie is exceptionally moist — which is why it’s broken up in the top photo. Though it might crumble in your hand, it is also very tasty. Even though I gobbled mine up while standing at the kitchen counter (no time to pause for a plate!) I could see it going well with a salted caramel latte, or just a cup of chai tea.

The Pina Colada cookie was also an instant favorite. Made with pineapple, coconut, and white chocolate, it’s a particularly sweet cookie that you’ll want to take tiny bites of so you can nibble away on it for as long as possible. The texture of the chewy coconut mixed with the sweet pineapple livens up this crave-worthy cookie. All cookies are $5 and come two to a pack. If you can wait until you get home from whichever Farmers’ Market you track them down at, pick up some coconut gelato and make yourself the world’s biggest cookie sandwich.

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