Oatmeal Mango Cookie from Influx Cafe

Given the choice between chocolate chip, peanut butter, ginger, and oatmeal cookies, you might be surprised to see an essentially colorless lump of baked dough featured for Influx Cafe. But to write off the tastiness of this cookie based on appearance alone would be a shame.

The main reason is right up there in the title: mango. Instead of the typical raisin, this cookie is studded with soft chunks of mango, plus a few chopped walnuts.¬†From the top, you can’t see much of the mango, but flip it over and oh yes, there it is.

The other reason? Unlike typical oatmeal (and raisin) cookies, which are often too heavy on the the cinnamon, this cookie has very little (if any) spice. But don’t think that means it ends up being bland. Without all the distractions, the flavor of the oats is front and center.

At just $1.25, this is one of the best-priced (and tastiest) cookies in San Diego.

Influx Cafe
750 West Fir Ave, San Diego CA 92101

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