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San Diego Sugar | Sucker Bar from Searsucker

When I looked at the menu for Searsucker, a multiple award-winning restaurant in the Gaslamp, I did what I always do: started with the desserts. One item, called the “sucker bar” immediately caught my eye. Though the name may conjure up some sort of tart citrus bar, the item in question is best described as a homemade Twix bar — one of my favorite chocolate bars.

The sucker bar has three main components: a crunchy, shortbread cookie base that’s covered in dulche de leche and then dipped in dark chocolate. The finishing touch is a sprinkle of sea salt, which brings out the flavor of the milk caramel. Having seen the professional photographs, I was expecting the dulche de leche to be fairly solid, but when I cut my bar in half, it oozed out slowly, eventually enrobing the cookie in a ribbon of rich caramel. Biting into this luxurious dessert sent shockwaves of pleasure down my arms and legs. You only need a few bites to be completely satisfied, but at the same time, it’s impossible to push the plate away until every last bite is gone.

If you love Twix bars, this is a must-try… but you have to go into the experience knowing that once you taste Searsucker’s version of the classic candy bar, going back to the $1 version at the grocery store won’t be nearly as satisfying.

611 5th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101

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