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After spending the morning shopping and stuffing myself with salt and pepper chicken wings at Golden Chopsticks, I faced a tough decision: soft serve or bubble tea. After debating the merits of both, it was this review of Tapicoa Express that won me over. Taking Jenn’s suggestion, I went straight for the mango snow bubble, while my faithful companion got a strawberry mango yogurt frost. The menu¬†does look a little daunting at first, since all of the drinks come in dozens of different flavors, but once you narrow down your preferred temperature (hot or iced), texture (slushy or not) and dairy factor (milk, yogurt, or neither), it gets a lot less overwhelming. Snow Bubbles are cold, slushy, and milky; Icy drinks are like Snow Bubbles minus the milk, Milk Teas are like Snow Bubbles minus the slushiness (and so on).

For me, the best bubble teas are frosty, tropical flavored, and only sometimes have boba in them, so the mango snow bubble was a natural choice. The drink had the consistency of a slushy milkshake, with a strong mango flavor that tasted clean and natural. I didn’t get to see the drink being made, but generally speaking, if it starts off as powder, it’s not going to be good. This mango flavor tasted like it came from mango juice or nectar.

If you’re a fan of frozen yogurt, try a yogurt frost. You can pick one flavor (strawberry, kiwi, mango, or original), or get a mix. The drink contains a tart yogurt base with bits of fruit and fruit-flavored syrup that make it look a bit like a parfait. The tartness of the yogurt balances well with the sweet fruit syrup, so make sure to mix it up well.

Both drinks were delicious, but if I had to choose which one to go back for, it would be the yogurt frost. The tartness gave the drink character and dimension, and even though I’m sure it was jam-packed with sugar, it was also oddly thirst-quenching.

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