Acai Bowls at Swami’s Cafe

San Diego Sugar | Swami's Acai Bowl

My instinct with breakfast is always to go with something sweet, like pancakes or french toast, but the though of having a brick of syrup-soaked carbs weighing me down isn’t always appealing. That’s where acai bowls come in. At Swami’s, the “Swami’s Style” bowl ($7.95) has a giant scoop of frozen acai, surrounded by bananas, strawberries, boysenberries, raspberries, house-made granola, bee pollen, and shredded coconut. The massive portion definitely eats like a meal, and is plenty big enough to share, especially if you pair it with a protein-rich egg dish.

San Diego Sugar | Swami's Acai Bowl

Swami’s acai has a richer, deeper berry flavor than most, and isn’t as sweet. Though I’m not convinced that acai is as “miraculous” as some people claim, this version, which isn’t saturated with juice or sugar, legitimately tastes healthy. Another key difference is the house-made granola, which is studded with chewy dried fruits and crunchy nuts, both of which bring more dimension to the dish. I had already mentally awarded the bowl an A by the time I got to the bee pollen and shredded coconut, which are both delicious, extra credit-earning additions. So, it’s only fair to bump the grade up to an A+.

Swami’s Cafe
1163 South Coast Highway 101 # A
Encinitas, CA
(760) 944-0612

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