Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake from Kona Coffee Co.

San Diego Sugar | Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake
I haven’t been this excited about coffee cake in… ever. Writing about sweets is its own reward, especially when I discover something new where I least expected. Such is the case with the coffee cake at Kona Coffee Co. in Hillcrest. I tried all three varieties, but the chocolate chip was by far the tastiest.

Let me break it down for you. The cake is like the inside of the moistest muffin ever made, without any hard edges or one crumb of crust. It’s sweet, but not overbearing, with rich chocolate swirled together with vanilla. It gets even better: the buttery topping is like chocolate chip cookie dough.

Combined, those two elements make the chocolate chip coffee cake one of the best desserts I’ve tried in months and it’s only $2.50 a slice. I can only imagine how good it would taste paired with a flavored latte or a mocha.

San Diego Sugar | Cinnamon Coffee Cake
The cinnamon was my second-favorite, with a moist and tender layer of cake topped with a spicier cinnamon crumble. Overall, this cake had a more aggressive flavor than the chocolate chip, but it was a little bit one-note. The sharpness of the cinnamon would go well with a black coffee or a chai latte.

San Diego Sugar | Raspberry Coffee Cake
The raspberry flavor was lighter, and the jammy spread stood out, but this flavor tasted a bit flat and could use a bit of citrus. I’d try this one with a more summery beverage like fruity iced tea, or maybe some lemonade.

Really, it’s all about the chocolate chip. The moist marbled cake combined with the buttery topping studded with rich chocolate chips has to be the best coffee cake in San Diego.

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