Grocery Goods: Filled Chocolate Bars from Trader Joe’s

San Diego Sugar | Trader Joe's Cookie Butter Chocolate Bars

If you missed your chance to stock up on cookie butter at Trader Joe’s, there’s now an even better option: dark chocolate bars filled with cookie butter, one of three new chocolate bars.┬áThere’s also a dark chocolate bar filled with chocolate buttercream and a milk chocolate bar filled with caramel. Naturally, I had to try all three.

At just 99 cents each, these bars are a great, low commitment introduction to cookie butter. Better yet, the combination of rich, dark chocolate, and the mildly gingery filling is better than anything I tried during my experimentation with the cookie butter in a jar. I’m not much of a dark chocolate fan, but this bar was milky enough to fall on the lighter side of the dark chocolate spectrum, and well within my comfort zone.

San Diego Sugar | Trader Joe's Cookie Butter Chocolate Bars

I also tried the chocolate buttercream bar and the milk chocolate bar filled with caramel. The sweeter, milkier caramel was my all-around favorite, followed by the cookie butter, and the chocolate buttercream, which was intensely chocolatey, but not all that different than the dark chocolate truffle bar. Still, for the price, it’s miles better than the low-rent crap you get at most grocery stores.

My only complaint about these bars is the top layer of chocolate is a bit thin, so it’s difficult to break off a square without squashing it and getting filling all over your fingers. Still, the size (43 grams) is perfect and the price is right. Now, all that’s needed is a few more versions, like mint chocolate, coffee cream, and hazelnut, perhaps?

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