Hidden Treasure: Chocolate Mochi from Marukai

San Diego Sugar | Chocolate Mochi

A lifetime of loving sweets has taught me a few valuable lessons: always use a tiny spoon when eating ice cream, and a truly decadent slice of chocolate cake should be enjoyed in **absolute silence**. Extending the proverbial “moment on the lips” before the inevitable “lifetime on the hips” is key. Maybe my efforts to prolong the experience of eating sweets is one of the reasons I love mochi so much. The chewiness of the glutinous treats requires a lot of time to reflect on just how delicious they are.

San Diego Sugar | Chocolate Mochi

The problem is, “bean paste” doesn’t sound like a viable dessert ingredient to me, so my options for mochi are fairly narrow. I’ve sourced some tasty peanut butter mochi and coconut peanut mochi but had no idea there was another non-bean option until Darlene mentioned the chocolate mochi at Marukai. This version of mochi is flatter, and more disc like than the squishy, coconut covered balls I’m used to. The texture is also significantly more dense and less sticky, which makes  them more like a mochi/brownie hybrid. The outer layer has a faint cocoa flavor and aroma, but the real pay dirt is the chocolate ganache center, which is rich and fudgy.

You can usually find the chocolate mochis by the cash register. They’re 6 to a pack for $4, and get discounted later in the week… but supplies can run low, so whether or not you want to chance saving a few bucks or leaving sans-mochi is up to you.

8111 Balboa Ave
Kearny Mesa

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