Hidden Treasure: Coconut and Chocolate Mochi

San Diego Sugar | Coconut and Chocolate Mochis

Ok, so I know that technically, there’s nothing magical about mochi. As a snacky dessert item, it really couldn’t get more simple. It’s really just sweet rice flour, sugar, water, more sugar (in the form of corn syrup) and whatever is in or on it. The logical part of my brain gets that this basically means it’s a marshmallow, but the magic-loving, 12-year-old lobe is totally enchanted by mochi. I’m always on the hunt for good ones, like these coconut and chocolate versions. Find out more, including where I got them, after the jump.

San Diego Sugar | Coconut Mochis

Despite my love of chocolate (and chocolate mochi) I went for the coconut flavor first. The exterior had a coating of powdered sugar, which gave the mochi a silky texture. Tasting them instantly reminded me of the smaller mochi you can get at Yogurtland (so good!) but these were chewier. I’m not sure if there’s actual coconut in any of them (the label doesn’t list it as an ingredient) but every so often, I swore I detected a small flake. Overall, they were excellent, and I finished the entire container by myself, alarmingly quickly. If you have similar willpower issues, I suggest properly closing the container. The design makes it difficult to do, and knowing that if you open it, you’ll just have to close it again may be a slight deterrent to snacking on them all day long (this is exactly the kind of mental gymnastics I have to do to avoid eating everything sweet in sight).

San Diego Sugar | Chocolate Mochi

It took me awhile to come around to the chocolate flavor. At first, the bitterness of the cocoa (or “artificial chocolate flavor”, as it’s listed on the label) threw me off, but once I got used to it, it grew on me. Since mochis are basically sugar, with enough starch to hold their shape, having a slightly bitter flavor note is welcome. As I’m writing this, the container is sitting in front of me, and I know it’ll be gone in the next two hours.

You can pick these up from Mistuwa, in a section near the freezer aisle. Look for a portable cart with products from Mikawaya on it. Thanks to Kirbie, my unofficial sugar pusher for setting me up with these. For sugar fiends, she’s a good one to know (check out her impressive selection of mug cake recipes here). I’ve got my eye on the Nutella version.

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