Introducing EJ Eats!

photos from EJ Eats, a San Diego food blogIt’s been just over a year since the launch of San Diego Sugar, my permanent excuse to order dessert “for work,” but I’ve got a brand new San Diego food blog that celebrates both sweet and savory eats and is home to all of my writing for Serious Eats, San Diego Magazine, GrubGrade, and San Diego Sugar:

You can search through all of my San Diego burger, pizza, and sandwich reviews on Serious Eats, read about great meals under $10 on my Everyday Eats column for San Diego Magazine, or check out my fast food reviews on GrubGrade. I’ll also be posting exclusive content like extended reviews, food guides, and the occasional rant. EJeats will also feature all of the content from San Diego Sugar, so it’s like one stop shopping for everything that’s delicious in San Diego. I hope you’ll check it out!





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