Sweet Eats: Beignets and Berry French Toast at Leroy’s Kitchen

San Diego Sugar | Beignets from Leroy's Kitchen in Coronado

If my Google Analytics results are any indication, a lot of locals are looking for beignets. If that’s why you’re here, good news: Leroy’s Kitchen & Lounge in Coronado has some of the best beignets in San Diego.

Listed as “Coffee and Doughnuts” ($9) on the new(ish) brunch menu, the beignets are made from a mix imported from New Orleans that was determined to be the best brand after an exhaustive taste-testing process.

San Diego Sugar | Beignets from Leroy's Kitchen in Coronado

Beignets are served with a cup of coffee and two dipping sauces: a refreshing raspberry compote and Belgian chocolate that has the exact same texture as melted chocolate doughnut glaze (but tastes a lot richer). The sugar-covered orbs of fried dough are simultaneously light and fluffy, while remaining moist and squishy in the middle. I can find no fault with them except unlike the coffee, there are no unlimited refills. I could easily have eaten two dozen of them, which is a testament to their deliciousness as much as it is confirmation that I have no shame.

San Diego Sugar | French Toast from Leroy's Kitchen in Coronado

The berry brioche french toast ($12) is equally delicious. Thick slices of egg-battered bread dusted with sugar are served with a mixed berry compote and a drizzle of Chambord reduction. Most places would stop right there, but Leroy’s goes the extra step by adding swirl of raspberry mascarpone. This extra touch skyrockets the dish into previously uncharted territory. You get the tang of the cheese mixed with the sweetness of the reduction, and the zing of citrus in the compote. My standards are high when it comes to french toast and this is easily one of the best versions in all of San Diego.

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