Grocery Goods: Trader Joe’s Coconut Bonbons

San Diego Sugar | Trader Joe's Coconut Bon Bons

Trader Joe’s has a new snack item: Coconut Bonbons ($3.99).¬†They are evil. After trying a free sample, I couldn’t resist taking home a tub, even though my basket was already full of treats. Once I popped the lid, there was no stopping until every last moist and chewy chocolate covered ball of coconut was gone.

San Diego Sugar | Trader Joe's Coconut Bon Bons Close-up

The chocolate coating is a mild dark chocolate. It’s robust but not bitter, and provides a good contrast to the sweet coconut filling. I’d like to say there’s about a dozen balls in the tub, but the happiness overload I experienced on ball three made me black out. This is easily one of the best treats TJs has ever produced.¬†Damn, Joe. You really nailed it this time.

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