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Grocery Goods: Trader Joe’s Coconut Bonbons

San Diego Sugar | Trader Joe's Coconut Bon Bons

Trader Joe’s has a new snack item: Coconut Bonbons ($3.99). They are evil. After trying a free sample, I couldn’t resist taking home a tub, even though my basket was already full of treats. Once I popped the lid, there was no stopping until every last moist and chewy chocolate covered ball of coconut was gone.

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Grocery Goods: Filled Chocolate Bars from Trader Joe’s

San Diego Sugar | Trader Joe's Cookie Butter Chocolate Bars

If you missed your chance to stock up on cookie butter at Trader Joe’s, there’s now an even better option: dark chocolate bars filled with cookie butter, one of three new chocolate bars from Trader Joe’s (all of which are 43 grams and 99 cents). There’s also a dark chocolate bar filled with chocolate buttercream and a milk chocolate bar filled with caramel. Naturally, I had to try all three.

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