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Hidden Treasure: Coconut and Chocolate Mochi

San Diego Sugar | Coconut and Chocolate Mochis

Ok, so I know that technically, there’s nothing magical about mochi. As a snacky dessert item, it really couldn’t get more simple. It’s really just sweet rice flour, sugar, water, more sugar (in the form of corn syrup) and whatever is in or on it. The logical part of my brain gets that this basically means it’s a marshmallow, but the magic-loving, 12-year-old lobe is totally enchanted by mochi. I’m always on the hunt for good ones, like these coconut and chocolate versions. Find out more, including where I got them, after the jump.

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Hidden Treasure: Chocolate Mochi from Marukai

San Diego Sugar | Chocolate Mochi

A lifetime of loving sweets has taught me a few valuable lessons: always use a tiny spoon when eating ice cream, and a truly decadent slice of chocolate cake should be enjoyed in **absolute silence**. Extending the proverbial “moment on the lips” before the inevitable “lifetime on the hips” is key. Maybe my efforts to prolong the experience of eating sweets is one of the reasons I love mochi so much. The chewiness of the glutinous treats requires a lot of chewing, and a lot of time to reflect on just how delicious they are.

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Sweet Trip: San Francisco Sugar

San Diego Sugar | Mango Mochi San Francisco

One of my favorite things about San Diego (aside from the palm trees, beaches, and cheap Mexican food) is its proximity to San Francisco. Hop in a plane and you can be there in about 2 hours (including baggage pick-up and BART). On a recent four-day binge vacation full of discovery, eating, and lots of walking up hills we sampled some truly spectacular sweets. Here are some of my favorites:

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Hidden Treasure: Chinese Baked Goods from Jasmine Express

San Diego Sugar | Coconut bun and mochi from Jasmine Express

Even though I’ve been living in San Diego for over a year, there are still some sweets on my best hits list that I’m looking for. Two such items are my favorite Chinese bakery treats: coconut mochi and coconut buns. In my former home, I was lucky enough to live a short streetcar ride from a bustling Chinatown, with multiple bakeries, offering these items for as little as 3 for $1. I get misty-eyed just thinking about walking out the door with a paper bag stuffed with chewy, buttery, coconutty goodness and have been searching for the SoCal equivalent. So far, the closest contender is Jasmine Express in Kearny Mesa, which I stumbled upon completely by accident.

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Cookies and Cream Frappe From Ryan Bros Coffee

San Diego Sugar | Cookies and Creme Frappe from Ryan Bros Coffee

Black coffee isn’t my thing. When it comes to my morning joe, I need a serious splash of milk, and ideally some sort of flavoring. Until I visited Ryan Bros Coffee in Barrio Logan, I thought I’d exhausted all of my options for flavored coffee (aka “baby coffee”), until I noticed the Cookies and Creme Frappe. For about the same price as my usual place ($5), I scored a huge cup of creamy goodness, made with two fresh-pulled shots of espresso, milk, ice cubes, and powdered oreo cookies, topped with real whipped cream.

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Hidden Treasure: Peanut Butter Mochi from Mitsuwa Marketplace

San Diego Sugar - Peanut Butter Mochi from Mitsuwa Marketplace

When it comes to mochis, you generally have two options: red bean mochis and ice cream mochis. To be honest, neither option would make my Top 10 Dessert List, but the peanut butter mochis at Mitsuwa Marketplace in Kearny Mesa are a whole other story.

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