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Acai Bowls at Swami’s Cafe

San Diego Sugar | Swami's Acai Bowl

My instinct with breakfast is always to go with something sweet, like pancakes or french toast, but the though of having a brick of syrup-soaked carbs weighing me down isn’t always appealing. That’s where acai bowls come in.

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Sweet Eats: Banana Chocolate Pancake from The Tractor Room

San Diego Sugar | Tractor Room's Chocolate Banana Pancake

Bananas and chocolate are a natural pairing, whether you add a few handfuls of chocolate chips to your banana bread or a thick layer of Nutella and some banana slices to a crepe. The combination also works when cooked into a pancake, but few are as expertly executed as the circus-big banana chocolate pancake at The Tractor Room in Hillcrest.

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Sugar Shots from Taste of Adams Ave.

San Diego Sugar | Taste of Adams Ave Ice Cream

Just about every neighborhood in San Diego hosts a “Taste Of…” festival each year, and Taste of Adams Ave might be my favorite. After attending the Gaslamp and Downtown events, I finally learned how to do these events right: be picky, share samples, and know when to quit. This time around, I focused most of my efforts on trying mostly sweets, a relatively easy feat since only a handful of places were handing out desserts.

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Hidden Treasure: Banana Split Pizza From Zia Gourmet Pizza

San Diego Sugar | Zia Gourmet Pizza's Banana Split Slice

As evidenced by my pizza coverage on Slice, I spend a good amount of time hunting down San Diego’s best pizza across all genres, including stuffed, coal-fired, and traditional NYC-style. But my love of pizza doesn’t end with savory options, I also love dessert pizza. My experiences trying to locate a good sweet slice have been mixed. The Merk does a decent dessert pie, but it’s really more like a baked crepe than a variant of pizza.

A much better option is Zia Gourmet Pizza, a Normal Heights pizzeria that pushes the boundaries of what pizza can (and should) be, by topping them with everything from baked eggplant to dried cranberries. When it comes to dessert pizzas, there are three different dessert options: Cinnamon Pear, Tropical Splash, and Banana Split. All three sounded tasty, but since there was a Banana Split pie hot and fresh from the oven, that’s what I chose.

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Acai Bowl from Rubicon Deli

San Diego Sugar - Acai Bowl from Rubicon Deli

There’s something magical about acai bowls. Maybe it’s the antioxidants, maybe it’s the fresh fruit and berries on top, or maybe it’s just because they’re sweet, but every time I eat one, it makes me feel like I have a tummy full of sunshine.

Rubicon Deli makes one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever tasted (and I do mean ever) and their acai bowl ($6.25) is also no slouch. Made with a big scoop of frozen acai and topped with fresh, seasonal fruit, granola, and honey, it’s a great way to cool off your mouth after polishing off a sandwich on their homemade spicy jalapeno jack bread.

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