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Behind the Scenes with Pastry Chef Jeff Bonilla

Peach Cremeux from Kitchen 1540

I recently went behind the scenes for Serious Eats: Sweets with Jeff Bonilla, Executive Pastry Chef for the L’Auberge Del Mar resort. Bonilla creates the entire pastry program for the property, including the two on-site restaurants: Kitchen 1540 and the Waterfall Terrace.

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Honey Toast at Up 2 You Cafe

Honey Toast at Up 2 You Cafe

100+ item menus aren’t unusual in Kearny Mesa, but when it comes to dessert, the pickings are slim. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, and craving something sweet, make a trip to Up 2 You Cafe for some Honey Toast.

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Homemade Doughnuts in 2 Minutes

Buttermilk Biscuit Doughnuts

One perk of being a food blogger is the occasional freebie. When I was asked to check out a Martha Stewart enameled cast iron pot, I was all over it. The email came at the perfect time. I’d been dreaming about making doughnuts at home, but didn’t have the right pot for the job.

I got the smallest size: a 3 quart round casserole (in orange) and it worked great. The pots go all the way up to 8 quarts, but for doughnuts, the smaller size worked best because it was big enough to fry a few at a time, and you don’t need as much oil as you would with a larger pot.

When it comes to making yeast doughnuts, you’ve got a few choices: make them from scratch, using a recipe like this one that takes 2 and a half hours, or buy a package of buttermilk biscuits from the grocery store, pop them in the oil, and have fresh doughnuts in about two minutes.

I think it’s already obvious which method I tried.

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Grocery Goods: Trader Joe’s Coconut Bonbons

San Diego Sugar | Trader Joe's Coconut Bon Bons

Trader Joe’s has a new snack item: Coconut Bonbons ($3.99). They are evil. After trying a free sample, I couldn’t resist taking home a tub, even though my basket was already full of treats. Once I popped the lid, there was no stopping until every last moist and chewy chocolate covered ball of coconut was gone.

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Sweet Eats: Beignets and Berry French Toast at Leroy’s Kitchen

San Diego Sugar | Beignets from Leroy's Kitchen in Coronado

If my Google Analytics results are any indication, a lot of locals are looking for beignets. If that’s why you’re here, good news: Leroy’s Kitchen & Lounge in Coronado has some of the best beignets in San Diego. Listed as “Coffee and Doughnuts” ($9) on the new(ish) brunch menu, the beignets are made from a […]

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Sugar Shots from the D Bar Opening

Mini cupcakes from D Bar in San Diego

D Bar officially opens today, right beside Snooze in Hillcrest. Both spots are Denver imports. D Bar is the creation of pastry chefs Keegan Gerhard (of Food Network fame) and Lisa Bailey. At the preview event, I sampled several savory items and a few cocktails, but the best part was the desserts, all of which were foot-stompingly, teeth-tingly good. Many of the items served were created specially for the preview, but the churros and souffle are part of the plated dessert menu. Scroll through the pics for a closer look at what’s in store at Hillcrest’s newest sugar shack.

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Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake from Kona Coffee Co.

San Diego Sugar | Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

I haven’t been this excited about coffee cake in… ever. Writing about sweets is its own reward, especially when I discover something new where I least expected. Such is the case with the coffee cake at Kona Coffee Co. in Hillcrest. I tried all three varieties, but the chocolate chip was by far the tastiest. […]

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New Treats at Azucar

Doughnut Muffins from Azucar

Ask me to name my favorite bakery in San Diego and not only will I immediately say “Azucar“, once I start thinking about the Cuban-style patisserie in Ocean Beach, you’ll probably have to shake me by my shoulders to stop the visions of sugary treats dancing through my head. Vivian Hernandez-Jackson’s take on tiramisu was one of my first SD Sugar reviews, and I’ve also featured the bakery’s triple chocolate espresso cookie in a spread in San Diego Magazine. So, when Vivian invited me back to try some of the bakery’s newest creations, I jumped at the chance, and tried three items: doughnut muffins, the “It’s Your Birthday” cake, and the Turron de Havana.

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Heavenly Cupcake Tasting Party

Mini cupcakes from Heavenly Cupcake in San Diego

Know what you’re looking at? FREE CUPCAKES. Yep, with no strings attached. Yesterday, the new owners of Heavenly Cupcake hosted a free tasting party, where fans sampled the newest flavors and voted for their favorite. The winning cupcake will become flavor of the month.

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New Flavors at Sprinkles (+ free cupcake day!)

San Diego Sugar | Green Velvet and Irish Chocolate cupcakes from Sprinkles

Green beer, the “traditional” beverage of St. Patrick’s Day has never been too appealing, but Sprinkles has a few new cupcakes I’d happily devour instead: Irish Chocolate and Green Velvet. The Irish Chocolate flavor, a Belgian dark chocolate cupcake topped with Bailey’s Irish Cream cheese frosting, is in stores until March 18. The other new addition, Green Velvet, is just for St. Patty’s Day (March 17). The chocolate cupcake batter is infused with green dye instead of the traditional red, coloring the cake with a shade of green somewhere between “forest” and “Oscar the Grouch”.

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