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8 Sweet Breakfast Dishes in San Diego

San Diego Sugar | Sweet Breakfast Eats

If you love starting your day with a healthy dose of sugar, check out my latest round-up of sweet breakfast desserts onĀ Serious Eats: Sweets, featuring everything from (relatively) healthy options like my favorite acai bowl, to saturated with sugar indulgences like a bananas foster belgian waffle.

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Comic-Con Sweets

San Diego Sugar | Sucker Bar from Searsucker

There are plenty of options for a tasty treat near the San Diego Convention Center. Here are a few of my top picks, just in time for Comic-Con.

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Heavenly Cupcake Tasting Party

Mini cupcakes from Heavenly Cupcake in San Diego

Know what you’re looking at? FREE CUPCAKES. Yep, with no strings attached. Yesterday, the new owners of Heavenly Cupcake hosted a free tasting party, where fans sampled the newest flavors and voted for their favorite. The winning cupcake will become flavor of the month.

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Searsucker’s Sucker Bar

San Diego Sugar | Sucker Bar from Searsucker

When I looked at the menu for Searsucker, a multiple award-winning restaurant in the Gaslamp, I did what I always do: started with the desserts. One item, called the “sucker bar” immediately caught my eye. Though the name may conjure up some sort of tart citrus bar, the item in question is best described as a homemade Twix bar — one of my favorite chocolate bars.

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Ghirardelli’s Massive Chocolate Chip Cookie

San Diego Sugar - Huge chocolate chip cookie from Ghiardelli

I’ve been on a cookie kick lately — both at home (experimenting with new recipes) and by testing store-bought cookies. After raving about the 33 cent cookies from Albertsons, I thought it was only right to sample a gourmet cookie on the opposite side of the spectrum — in this case, a massive chocolate chip cookie from Ghirardelli.

$4 is a lot to spend on one cookie, but since we’d just run out of cookie dough at home, it seemed reasonable to splurge a cookie big enough for two people to split.

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