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San Diego’s Best Exotic Cookies

San Diego Sugar | Exotic Cookies in San Diego

Awhile back, I faced a very exciting challenge: find the best exotic cookies in San Diego. The discoveries became part of “Cookie Crazed” a 1-page spread in San Diego Magazine. Click through to read more, and find out the best spots to stock your cookie jar.

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Oatmeal Mango Cookie from Influx Cafe

San Diego Sugar | Close Up of Oatmeal Mango Cookie from Influx Cafe

Given the choice between chocolate chip, peanut butter, ginger, and oatmeal cookies, you might be surprised to see an essentially colorless lump of baked dough featured for Influx Cafe. But to write off the tastiness of this cookie based on appearance alone would be a shame.

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Chocolate Macaron from Lisko Imports

San Diego Sugar | Close-up of Chocolate Macaron from Lisko Imports

Macarons aren’t something I come across very often, so when I spied a display of giant macarons at the Lisko Imports table at the Little Italy Mercato, I had to have one. Four flavors were available, including chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and pistachio. Even though I was initially tempted to get three cookies for $8, I played it safe, sticking with one chocolate macaron for $3 — a very reasonable price, considering the cookie was the size of my palm (and macarons are always pricey).

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Horchata Latte from Joes on the Nose

San Diego Sugar - Closeup of Horchata Latte from Joes on the Nose

Sunday morning at the Hillcrest Farmers’ Market inevitably means a visit to Joes on the Nose — a roving coffee truck that is one of the many food and beverage vendors at the market. The orange truck offers a variety of beverages, several of which are heavy on sugar and caffeine (a good thing for anyone with a sweet tooth, especially in the early morning!)

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