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Cheap Thrills: Triple Chocolate Cookies from Con Pane

San Diego Sugar | Triple Chocolate Cookies from Con-Pane

Is there anything better than a chocolate chip cookie when you’re craving something sweet? For me, few things are as satisfying as a chewy cookie loaded with rich chunks of dark chocolate. I’ve been sampling chocolate chip cookies all over town, and so far, Con Pane’s are the best.

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Beignets from Sessions Public

San Diego Sugar - A photo of the beignets from Sessions Public

A recent Friday night dinner at Sessions Public made me extra grateful that when I encounter legitimately lip-smacking food, my stomach capacity magically doubles, allowing me extra real estate to indulge. After polishing off their CAB Natural Buger, which I wrote about for Serious Eats, I ordered the orange scented beignets with Mexican “coco sauce”.

While the dessert was being prepared, my constant dining companion and I speculated on the size and amount of the beignets. I envisioned a pile of small, squarish pillows of pastry covered in powdered sugar, but what emerged from the kitchen was completely different. The dish contained five large, round, golden brown orbs of dough that were so fresh they were literally steaming.

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